January 2016

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    The 5 Drivers of Business Value Growth: Part 2 – Growing Revenue

    In Ric’s January 2016 online training session he discusses the first of the 5 ways to grow the profitability and value of a business – revenue growth. This is the first step towards building a bigger bottom line, and it happens to be the one most business people think is the ONLY way is to grow profit. We know better but quality revenue growth is obviously important.

    When you are reviewing a client’s trading results s/he will draw little comfort from a comment to the effect that “…you need to find a way to increase your revenue.” Your value as an adviser will be dramatically improved, not to mention your ability to charge a good fee, if you can add “… and there are several things we could suggest that might help you do that.”

    This session will deal with a raft of ideas that you could share with your clients to drive quality revenue. Not all of them will apply to every client situation but they do have general applicability. Most importantly this is a conversation that re-positions you as a business adviser not just a bean counter. It’s a forward-looking conversation, and it’s a conversation about helping your client achieve the full potential of his or her business.

    In preparation for the webinar, there are three documents you should download and print out prior to watching the presentation.

    Ric will discuss how each of these are to be used in his presentation. They are:

    • Your Idea2Action Organizer – so that you will formally capture ideas that come from the webinar that are worth applying. This is a powerful tool to give to your clients too!
    • Your Tactical Initiative Inventory – so that you can create and organized inventory of profit and value growth initiatives you can implement to help your clients.
    • White Paper I have written titled The Impact of the Changing Competitive Landscape on Strategy in Accounting Firms – this sets out why I believe it’s important for you to build your position in the advisor space.

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    Time is the most valuable, non-manageable resource on earth – be sure to maximize your time wisely.

    January 2016

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