January – The 5 Drivers of Business Value Growth: Part 2 – Growing Revenue: In Ric’s January 2016 online training session he discusses the first of the 5 ways to grow the profitability and value of a business – revenue growth. This is the first step towards building a bigger bottom line, and it happens to be the one most business people think is the ONLY way is to grow profit. We know better but quality revenue growth is obviously important

February – The 5 Drivers of Business Value Growth: Growing Gross Margin: In this online training session Ric Payne discusses the second of the 5 ways to grow the profitability and value of a business – gross margin growth. Ric explains how to talk to your clients about margin growth and strategies that can be implemented to achieve it.

MarchPowerful Questions to Build Empathy, Identify Needs, and Sell Professional Services : In this online training session Ric Payne focused on the most important skill for selling and delivering business advisory services.


January – Innovation: The Key to Differentiation: In this webinar Ric looks at the design of a performance scorecard, what KPIs all businesses need to be monitoring, how to identify KPIs that relate to a specific business and how you can package and deliver a monitoring service built around a Management Control Plan.

February – The Challenge of Selling Business Development Services: Business Advisory Service ‘Sales Barrier’: why so many business owners refuse your help and how you can deal with it.

March – What you can measure you can manage: Innovation vs. Invention: 5 ways to generate innovative ideas, 10 areas of your value chain where innovation can occur and how to link an innovative mindset with 2 tools for developing a differentiation strategy.

April – Designing a Competitive Strategy for a PSF in a Commoditized  Market, Part 1 & 2: In this webinar Ric discussed 5 themes of change that are combining to fuel a gale of creative destruction that will forever change the shape of the profession and in the process offer wonderfully rich opportunities for those firms that position themselves appropriately but very little comfort for those that don’t.

May War Stories: In this webinar Ric describes the processes he used when he was in practice to help ordinary small business clients create extraordinary businesses. You will discover it does not involve rocket science, it does not require expert knowledge of business strategy, and it most certainly does not require specialized industry expertise.

October Leveraging the Cloud: Coping With Commoditization: In this webinar Ric and Colin Dunn shared the 5 points that will help you leverage the forces that are reshaping the competitive landscape in a way that will distance you from those firms that doggedly stick to an outdated business model.

November 10 Keys for achieving greater success with selling BD services: In this web conference Ric Payne shared the 10 keys he discovered from a prolonged period of trial and error that eventually worked for him when he was in practice.

December The 5 Drivers of Business Value Growth: In this online training session Ric Payne will share with you a 5-element conversation framework you can use when advising small business clients on the options open to them for growing the value of their business.


January – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: In this webinar Ric discusses several topics based around delegation, firm culture, compensation, remote workers and selling the value of services to clients and prospects that need them.

February – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: In this webinar Ric talks about firm key performance indicators, partner motivation and ways to keep your momentum going after successfully selling and completing a business development engagement.

March – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: In this webinar Ric talks about working up the service value chain, social media and virtual client portals, aligning strategic planning efforts amongst firm partners and aligning those partners and ideas with Gen Y team members and what implications that may have on succession and selling your practice in the future.

April – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: Your team; shaping firm culture, educating your team for success, hiring for growth capacity, and utilizing outsourcing options.

May – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: Delegation and how that plays into firm strategy; creating, producing, and running a training program to sell services to clients and prospects; and how to lessen risk when doing higher valued services for less clients.

June – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: In this webinar Ric gives his advice on how to effectively talk about strategic planning issues with your clients and goes through the ins and outs of setting up a Business Advisory Service (BAS) division within your firm.

July – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: In this webinar Ric goes through how you can have an effective conversation with your clients about their annual business performance and get them to realize the value in it.

August – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: Business Plans 101 – offering planning services and what type of clients will benefit, the skills required, and the difference between a business plan, a business model and a business strategy.

September – A Q&A Web Conference with Ric Payne: 3 Concepts to use with your clients to build a sustainably profitable business with minimal financial risk; EVA analysis, sustainable growth and fundable growth.

October – 7 things you can be doing to stay relevant: In this webinar Joanna Chappell will share to-the-point information with you that will illustrate the sort of resources we offer through Principa that can help keep your web presence fresh for success.

November – How do you make organizational change stick?: How to stay ahead in a rapidly changing world: The 3 barriers to change, 8 steps needed to transform your business and the 6 domains of influence that drive a change process.

DecemberThe Deeply Connected, On Purpose Firm: In this webinar Paul Dunn talks about what’s driving great firms today and how to avoid competitive convergence, margin pressures, disengaged team members and indifferent clients.