On behalf of our team worldwide, we are truly humbled… 

We are flattered by the feedback we’ve received from the innovation workshops we’ve done this year – take a look at what some of our participants have said and join us at one of our next events.  

“I traveled 20,000 miles to attend the workshop in Canada because I couldn’t make the one in Sydney. I’m so glad I did. It was more than I hoped for. The quality of the presentations, the workshop tasks, and the action ideas were exceptional. Oh one more thing, the material that’s available on the portal is amazing ….”
“Really great workshop. Thank you. The resources you bring to the table are fantastic. Every item raised is useful for us. It’s  now a matter of redefining what we do with our clients and use of your knowledge will be priceless.”
“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a great couple of days this week. What you shared with us, I am determined to use as a catalyst for change in our firm.”
“The workshop has made me more confident to take the challenging steps required to strengthen our brand.”
“I am clearer about the jobs we want to do and the jobs we will not do. This will create capacity to concentrate in areas where we can best add value.”
“I recommend the workshop for firms that are willing to change and embrace change as an enriching experience.”
“I’ve finally attended to most of the items accumulated on my desk while I was in Sydney so I have the opportunity to reflect on my second PIW. Being able to expose Andrew to your philosophy & methodology of business design (particularly for accountants) was a big initial incentive for fronting up again.” 
“I’ve explained it all to the team a few times over the years but I figured that hearing it directly from you would be a great experience for him and I was right.  He has “got it” and we are now able to have better discussions about the future of our business.
That said, I was amazed at how much more it all made sense to me hearing it the second time.  I thought I was able to pick up ideas quickly but I gained a lot more clarity around the concepts and (more importantly) how they interrelated to form a more complete view of business design.
I was also pleased with the way you have developed the workshop as your have gained additional knowledge & perspectives, weaving that into the workshop to make it relevant to the current environment which is clearly different to that which existed only 2 years ago when I attended for the first time.  For me, this emphasised the need for us to take urgent action so I am pleased that we will be able to do that with your guidance over the next 12 months.”
“We found the exercises around defining the customer value proposition to be very enlightening & using non-accounting firm situations made it easier to follow as we weren’t restricted by our prior views/biases. All in all Ric, an excellent two days and well worth the investment of time & dollars.” 

About the man and his method  

My partner, the late Paul O’Byrne, and I attended an Accountants’ Bootcamp in 1996. At the time we had a good practice at Goffs Oak, it was profitable and we felt we were moving along rather nicely but our earnings growth had plateaued and we were bored! So we decided to attend the Bootcamp in the belief that “we might learn something” and if we didn’t we could always call their money-back guarantee. Little did we know then that our lives were about to change!

We had a healthy skepticism about some of the things they were saying but after a couple of days we began to realize that we really did need to move in a different direction. Failure to do so would leave us on a professional treadmill as we attempted to win more clients, implement new technologies, hire, train and retain people, defend our prices to unappreciative clients and respond to their unreasonable service demands, all while keeping up to-date with legislative and technical changes …. need I say more?

To cut an 18 year story short, we returned from Bootcamp and completely changed our business model which turned out to be the smartest thing we ever did. Ric Payne has played a huge role in helping us see the need to do that and he and his team at Principa have continued to provide us with tools and support as we proactively drive our practice in the direction we want it to go.

We did not slavishly follow an “out of the box template” model he put on the table. His approach has always been to lay out a foundation on which you can build the firm you want to create, at your pace and according to your vision.

I know of few other people in the profession who can hold a candle to Ric when it comes to his understanding of the profession; the competitive environment in which we operate; his sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of team members and clients; and his understanding of business strategy, as it relates to the accounting profession, is at an insanely high practical level.

Ric has worked with accountants in the UK since 1994 and he understands us and our market. When he asked me if I would be willing to share my thoughts about my experience with him and his companies I had no hesitation in agreeing.

I can assure you he will get you thinking outside the box and the tools you’ll get to use are way better than we had when we started on our transformational journey. If you are interested in taking your firm to the next level, irrespective of how well you feel you’re doing now, my very strong advice is to register for this programme. I intend to. 

 Paul Kennedy
O’Byrne and Kennedy
Goffs Oak