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Every journey begins with a single step…

For over 35 years, Ric Payne has been instrumental in helping practitioners around the world build a more profitable practice, enjoy higher levels of professional satisfaction and deliver more Ric_1valuable services to small and mid-sized business clients.

Ric now brings that seasoned expertise to you through web and live events all designed to get you focused on key issues WITHIN your practice. Issues like: how to win quality clients; how to defend your client portfolio from aggressive competitors both within and outside the profession; how to create systems for your practice to leverage your time; and how to offer value-added services as part of your compliance service.  And the big one… how to find and keep really good people, how to energize and empower those people and how to decrease the number of hours you work per week-all while increasing your profits.

Discover how thousands of Accountants around the world are transforming their practice, multiplying fees, improving their lives, and having fun doing it. Every journey begins with a single step… check out and sign up for one of our flagship programs today!



The Practice Innovation Workshop

Although we hear a lot about the need to implement “best practice” solutions to give your firm a competitive edge, THAT IS NOT WHERE PERFORMANCE LEADERSHIP comes from. Best practice is a table stake. It’s a necessary condition to be in the game. But to be amongst the leaders you must design an innovative business model… one that differs from the firms in your competitive space.

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Practice Development Retreat Workshop Hosted by CPA Canada

Today’s winning strategies must address the ‘new rules’ of practice development. To succeed, you need to properly harness the power of technology and social media, identify and inspire the future leaders of your practice, uniquely differentiate yourself in an increasingly vanilla marketplace, outsmart your biggest competitors, and win the hearts and minds of your team members, clients and future clients.

You’ll leave the retreat workshop with a strategic plan that embraces these issues.

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Webinars and Q&A Web Conferences with Ric Payne

Each month we collect questions submitted directly by Accountants around the world and Ric addresses them during a monthly web conference. The web conferences are presented the first week of the month and replayed the 3rd week of the month, and at various times to address our serviced regions.

From time to time we will also do a general webinar instead of a Q&A Web Conference.  During these webinars we’ll present topics that are relevant to consulting accountants.

Signing up and attending is absolutely free so we encourage you take a look at our upcoming sessions and register your place today.

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